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Walnut Hill Cosmetic & Family Dentistry Reviews
Overall Dental Practice Rating ★★★★★ 5 / 5 based upon 11 reviews.
Posted On: 12/11/2017 ★★★★★ Army brat, Navy wife, well-traveled to a multitude of dentists and have dreaded every single, I suspect, do most folks. Anything in excess of a cleaning, it's going to hurt. And sometimes even those hurt. And we've all heard about the 'no pain' dental clinics; yeah, right, haha. Dr. Onimisi does not make that claim...but she certainly should. While she was extracting every tooth in my mouth, I fell asleep. I took no type medication, just the shots. Generally, I start screaming as soon as I walk into any dental clinic, a carryover from my childhood. AND I FELL ASLEEP WHILE SHE PULLED ALL MY TEETH. An incredible experience. Now, I could go on about how swell the staff and environment, etc., etc. But you can read that on the other reports, all true. I will add that I healed quickly and well and Dr. O is a rare find. She is totally focused, extremely dedicated, her work excellent, and I trust her completely. Like I said - Dr. Onimisi is a rare find. Joyce G Dallas
Posted On: 07/09/2017 ★★★★★ The Staff and Dr. O were very helpful, patient, courteous and knowledgable about my treatment and showed true care for the well-being of my teeth! Anil P Dallas
Posted On: 05/04/2017 ★★★★★ I have been getting my dental work done here at Walnut Hill Dental for 11 years now - since I was 13 years old. I genuinely love the staff and customer service. There is always time to pass by in the waiting room or operating room watching my favorite shows on their flat screen TVs. My biggest fear has always been getting my wisdom teeth pulled out. They still haven't grown yet, but when they do... I know I will be in good hands. When I was a teenager, I developed plenty of cavities that needed to be filled and I never felt any major discomfort or pain. Dr. O is the best dentist you can find here in DFW! Victory O Dallas
Posted On: 08/03/2015 ★★★★★ The staff here is very sweet, gentle and patient. I have always been nervous of going to the dentist, but the people here make me feel more at ease. Their payment plans on both regular dental work and braces, are great. They provide any information you might want before deciding on a treatment plan and provide great preventative care as well. Going to the dentist still isn't my favorite thing, but I don't dread it here. Bonnie H Dallas
Posted On: 02/09/2015 ★★★★★ Walnut Hill Dentistry was the best thing that happened to my dentures in the last 30 years! Their services are superb, highly professional and cost effective. They come highly recommended.... AdeGboyega O Dallas
Posted On: 10/18/2014 ★★★★★ Dr O was fast and gentle I will definitely come back Trim Dallas
Posted On: 10/17/2014 ★★★★★ I started going to WHCFD approx. 10 years ago. I have a small child and I was horrified of going for dental work. I have to say I am very thankful for Dr. Onimisi and her staff. Over the years I have had pain-free root canals, extractions, fillings and my children (now 3) have had oral surgeries, braces and the list goes on and each time I have been very satisfied with the service. Now I live in West Virginia and I drive in for my dental work and it is well worth the drive. I love love love WHCFD!! Jekamiah A. B Dallas
Posted On: 07/15/2014 ★★★★★ Best dentist I have been to ever! I'm actually looking forward to going back in a couple of weeks. She is gentle and very nice! TJ M Dallas
Posted On: 05/20/2014 ★★★★★ Great treatment, always very attentive and courteous. Marisela A Dallas
Posted On: 05/20/2014 ★★★★★ Extremely happy!! Dr.Onimisi would do what 3 other orthodontist would not do and she succeeded with great results. Courtney C Dallas
Posted On: 05/20/2014 ★★★★★ I am very pleased with my childrens dental work.They are very warm and friendly staff. I recommend anyone who is looking for a Great dental service. Desdamona B Dallas
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